Thursday, 6 September 2012

Adventures in Anglesey


Last weekend me and ten friends headed to the lovely island of Anglesey, in North Wales for a mini break. It was a wonderful weekend, filled with sunshine, ice creams and games of hide and seek (and sardines!) in the house we all stayed in. I miss the sea already and would definitely recommend a trip there if you've never been! It's where Prince William & Kate live so can't be half bad, right?!

Here are a few things we got up to during our stay..

Went to the windiest beach ever! The sand was whipping our legs but I still managed to do a bit of paddling!

Sadly the local puffins had flown away for the season so we made do by visiting these ones at the RSPB centre!

We went crabbing on the pier- it was too exciting!

Me with my catch! (Of course we didn't use hooks, the crabs grabbed hold of the bait we fished with, and were safely returned to the ocean after we'd peered at them for a bit!)

Can't have a seaside trip without fish & chips on the beach!

We played many a board game, including a strange one called Ubi (don't ask!), Articulate and Scotland Yard (above). It's quite a head-scratcher!

A group shot was set up on self-timer outside Beaumaris Castle.. we all tried to squeeze in quite unnecessarily!

On the way home we also visited Conwy Castle, which is amazing! In fact the whole town is quite beautiful, surrounded by ancient walls built at the same time as the castle.

Conwy (you can see the shadows of the castle on the left!)

We tried to spell out WALES with our shadows.. well it kind of worked?



  1. Oh my, this looks lovely! Im going to Anglesey with my mom and dad on the weekend, this has just inspired me so much!

    1. Aw yey! I'm sure you'll have a great time! Beaumaris is where we stayed and it was lovely.

  2. I love all the kites at the beach!

  3. Lovely! We went to Anglesey when I was little and I still remember being surprised that the "boat" I had dug into the sand had washed away overnight.

  4. awesome! what a great day. love the group picture!

  5. Scotland Yard! Oh my, that is bringing back memories of childhood squabbles with my brothers.


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