Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wedding Photography: what I've learnt so far

A few months ago a family friend asked if I would like to take photographs for them, at their wedding in July.  Fortunately I wasn't the sole photographer, as another friend of theirs (who specialises in wildlife photography!) had offered to take half of the photos. This took a lot of the pressure off and I happily agreed to photograph the morning and the church ceremony for them. I'm not a huge fan of unnatural 'posed' shots, so I took most of the photos in a documentary style, from the bridesmaids and bride getting ready to people chatting at the reception later on.

I was initially quite nervous about capturing the 'special' moments, and this did prove to be the most pressurised part of the day. The kiss, the walk down the aisle and signing the register shots were quite nerve-wracking, and I'm glad there was a second shooter there to take some of the pressure off! Gathering guests for the big group shot was also a bit of a task! 

The morning shots were my favourites to take. Seeing the bridesmaids excitedly getting ready and having their hair done was really special. I'm really pleased with a lot of the more candid shots taken on the day too. If I was planning for another wedding I think I'd bear the following things in mind:

- Try and visit the venue beforehand to plan for light levels (this was especially tricky in the church as it was quite dark in there with very bright windows)
- If possible, have a second shooter there 
- The day gets very tiring! Make sure you wear comfy shoes!
- Get a family member/ best man to help assemble the right people for the group shots
- Try and get guests to relax in more posed group shots and let them know when you're going to take the shot
- Don't be afraid to ask children and adults if they mind having their photo taken, they're usually only too happy to say yes
- Different lenses are very useful, I wish I'd had a wide angle lense for the 'getting ready' shots, and I appreciated my 50mm lense for the low light levels shots later on
- Remember to photograph the little details (things like the groomsmen's buttonholes, the ring, flowers..)
- Have fun and don't panic too much! (Especially if you are doing it as a favour to the bride and groom)
- Set time aside to go through all the photos in the days afterwards (I took several hundreds on the day itself!) and edit any that need it

After I'd sent the photos to the couple, I was really happy (and relieved!) when I got positive comments back thanking me for capturing such special moments for them. I'd definitely like to take photos at another wedding in future (so long as I have a second shooter to help me out - hi Tom!)

[*All photos are by me, please do not use or copy without prior permission!]


  1. Ah you totally pipped me to the post - literally! Great tips, it's so nerve wracking shooting a wedding. I really enjoyed it, though my favourite bit was shooting the getting ready photos too. Love your first confetti photo! x

    1. Ah i can't wait to read how you got on at yours! I'd been meaning to post this for ages so seeing you were shooting one too gave me a much needed prompt :) Yes the getting ready photos were such fun to do. x

  2. These look great Laura! I love the confetti shot too.

  3. Great shots! Well done! I've done a couple of weddings and, even though I've been happy with the results (and luckily so were the couples!), they were terrifying - I don't know how people can go out and do this every weekend!


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