Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lovely Links

Nice stuff I came across on the interweb lately...

1. From the people who brought you the Thrill Murray colouring book comes the Kurt Cobain sticker album! My 14 year old self would be very happy if she received one of these... strike that my 29 year old self would be too.

2. Love browsing the Underground New York Public Library. Basically a site which documents what people are reading on the NY underground. 

3. The new edition of Got a Girl Crush magazine is out, featuring some very cool creative females. (You can read it in PDF form here.) I also love browsing the website for inspiration.

4. For more Bill Murray related goodness how about making your own Bill Murray paper doll? (Pictured above.) He has quite the selection of outfits! Awesomeness. Found via Adeline.

5. I've enjoyed reading through Bianca's wedding-picnic posts - the day was full of creative ideas, like making your own moon photo prop. So sweet!


  1. Oh lovely!!!! Love the clown outfit!!

  2. I *love* the Underground New York Public Library! I could spend ages scrolling through all the photos!



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