Friday, 24 August 2012

Film Friday: Take this Waltz

Last Friday I went to see Take This Waltz, a film starring Michelle Williams (who I love) and Seth Rogen as a married couple who are content with their lives, until Williams meets a friendly man on a plane who turns out to be their neighbour. Although the plot doesn't initially sound that promising, I'd really recommend the film. All the performances were really strong and I especially enjoyed the scenes on the fairground waltzer, to the tune of Video Killed the Radio Star. I've read that opinions were quite divided on the film (and it received a harsh review by Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian but I tend to ignore his reviews!) but me and my friend both enjoyed it. It did have elements of Blue Valentine, also starring Michelle Williams but on a slightly different kilter. (And I really wanted the couple's cosy house and the loft apartment later on - wow). Has anyone else seen it yet, if so what did you think?

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  1. I loved Take This Waltz (I *just* blogged about it!), and, ohhhh, how much did I want to live in that house?! Gorgeous.


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