Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Friday: Some Like it Hot

I recently watched Some Like it Hot for the first time, the classic 1959 film directed by Billy Wilder. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are struck by money troubles in 1930s Chicago (during the prohibition era) and decide the only way to make their livings as musicians is to join an all-female band, dressed up as women. On their route they meet a certain Ms Monroe, and many a hilarious escapade follows.

I enjoyed this comedy, although I've never been a hundred per cent comfortable with the roles Marilyn Monroe played, something about the 'dumb' blonde character wears a bit thin. It's a shame, as Monroe was a very intelligent person but wasn't often allowed to show this on film. However I enjoyed Lemmon and Curtis immensely, and I really want to watch The Apartment soon as well. (Oh - and Curtis' accent in this film was pretty funny, we couldn't quite work out where he was meant to be from but I assume it was Britain, any clues?)


  1. I absolutely adore Tony Curtis :) we're watching through classics at the moment too and I love them, especially the comedies.

  2. Laura,

    This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. I thought I read somewhere that Tony Curtis's accent was actually poking fun at Cary Grant, who I think he was good friends with. Anyway the joke is Lemmon at one point in the film goes, "where did you get that accent? Nobody talks like that!" Well...Cary Grant did at the time.

  3. i feel the same about marilyn monroe's roles. i like her as a person, but not the characters she was given to play.
    and i think tony curtis is supposed to be doing a sort of cary grant accent when he's pretending to be rich. :) pretty funny stuff!


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