Friday, 10 August 2012

Film Friday - Hollywood I´m sleeping over tonight

Hello from Holland! I´ve had a lovely week here so far, and just wanted to drop by to write a quick post about a film recommended to me recently by my brother. Hollywood I´m sleeping over tonight, or as it`s known by its French title, 'Jírai dormir a Hollywood'  is a road movie with a difference. Antoine de Maximy is a charming French documentary maker, who travels across the USA from coast to coast, relying on strangers he meets to provide him with a place to stay for the night. Antoine is a little like a French Louis Theroux who travels with a hand held camera, and manages to make lots of new friends on his travels. You can watch parts 1 and 2 of the movie on Youtube, it´s a really interesting glimpse into how different  life can be across the American states, which I really enjoyed watching.


  1. I recently watched a film (I'm unsure if it's entirely French, as it was supported by Warner Brothers) called The Science of Sleep. I think you would really enjoy it, it feeds the artist's brain.

    Here is a trailer from YouTube:

    1. Ah yes that's a great film too! :) I love the cardboard sets and fluffy clouds they make in it.


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