Friday, 3 August 2012

Film Friday: Beetlejuice

Strangely, both Tom and I had never seen Beetlejuice growing up. So I thought it was about time we gave it a watch! I really enjoyed Tim Burton's first major feature film - it did have echoes of Edward Scissorhands, which is another of my favourites. (Winona's character was a bit like Edward and the town in the opening sequence is very similar!) I fully enjoyed this scene, where they dance round the dinner table to the Banana Boat Song.


  1. We had it on video as a kids and loved it! It really does have a similar feel to Edward Scissorhands.. also a fantastic film! Glad you enjoyed it, a lot of weirdness and a lot of laughs!

  2. I love Beetlejuice :D Good to hear you enjoyed it. Edward Scissorhands is possibly my favourite film ever, too. I wish the more recent Tim Burton films were still that good :(

  3. Ahh, Beetlejuice is amazing! I remember being terrified as a kid though. It's nice to watch those sorts of films when you're older, I always realise they aren't actually really kids films.

    Izz - I Know


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