Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ten things about me


Recently I've read some interesting posts on other blogs about how we reveal certain parts of our lives on the internet. As a shy person I always feel a bit awkward about revealing personal things about myself on this blog (I mean who wants to read about little old me?!). But I always find the more personal posts on other people's blogs to be the most interesting ones to read. I really enjoyed reading this list by Rhianne recently and yesterday this post about blog envy by Zoe really rang true. So here is my list of a few things you may not know about me!

  1. As a kid I used to be a member of the Beano fanclub. It was pretty ace, you got a Dennis the Menace badge and a furry one of Gnasher!
  2. I wrote off my first car by swerving to avoid a pheasant. People later told me I should have just run over it, but my instincts said otherwise! I'm still rather terrified of driving on country lanes.
  3. The first album I owned was Salt 'n' Pepa's Greatest Hits, on a mixtape made for me by someone from the Youth Club my mum worked at. I was very excited when I got it! 
  4. In the past I had keyboard, drums and guitar lessons, none of which I really got past beginner level at.. still, I tried!
  5.  When I was 13 I listened to Jagged Little Pill more times than was healthy. (I've not really listened to it since, so I'm not sure if it still holds up or not? But I'm guessing not.)
  6. I first met Tom at a film quiz. I remember he was wearing this Clerks T-shirt which I liked, and he knew more than me on the 'Comic Book Adaptations' round, which I was a little bit miffed about!
  7. I'd find it hard to live without marmite on toast. 
  8. I much prefer dogs to cats.
  9. I spent three years living in Hull. Although I wouldn't choose to live there again, I can't help but defend it if anyone slags it off!
  10. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, but I actually really like this song.
Phew! How do you feel about sharing personal things about yourself on your blog? Do you prefer to read personal posts from other bloggers? 


  1. I sometimes worry that I reveal too much on my blog. A hangover from my zine days, but back then at least I knew only 40 people would read my badly photocopied confessions; now I'm busily putting my thoughts onto the internet where they're accessible to anyone. Always a concern when you're a teacher, but it doesn't seem to stop me!

  2. it's something I find difficult as well - personal stuff on my blog! I try to include it sometimes... along with questions and stuff. I'm always open to some tips though!

    and it's okay, I actually really like Call Me Maybe... non-ironically.

  3. I also always feel too shy to share anything personal on my blog. I won't even put a picture of myself because I don't want people to recognise me! :/ But I always enjoy when people post lists like this and let me have a glimpse into their lives. Perhaps I should do the same! :)

    1. Ahh, you should do the same, don't be scared! But I know what you mean, it's a bit strange to think anyone could recognise me from the blog! Eep!

  4. Ditto to 1,5,7 an 8! I love reading these kinda posts about other people, but I really hate writing them about myself. So cute that you met Tom at a film quiz, it seems perfect for you guys! x

    1. Glad to find another member of the fan club!! x

  5. I enjoy reading posts like this. It's nice to know more about the people whose lives I'm reading about. Saying that, my blog doesn't often get personal, but I think I may give this a bash.

    Eww, Marmite? Y'wrong 'un!

    1. Marmite is great! :) But yep you should do a similar list, would love to read other people's.

  6. I too was a member of the Beano fanclub! Who knew there were so many of us girls out there?

    I think it's nice if a blog is peppered with some personal posts like this. I agree with Michelle - it's nice to learn a bit about the lives of the people behind the blogs I regularly read, even if for the most part that isn't what their writing focuses on.

    I find it harder to write about myself, but might give this a go! x

  7. I love that you loved my post and it inspired you to do one too :)

    I loved Beano when I was younger as well, I had all my Dad's old annuals and the most fun playing cards as well lol.

    I didn't used to like marmite but then Thomas introduced me to marmite and cheese on crumpets and my life changed, marmite and cheese is the most amazing thing ever I think.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Marmite and cheese rocks! Yes i also i was also given old annuals by my Dad :) Have a lovely weekend x


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