Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Photo Inspiration: Multiple Exposures

Above: Gene Kelly in a dance sequence for the film Cover Girl, 1944 by Gjon Mili

I recently came across an interview with London-based photographer Mads Perch (perhaps best known for shooting this album cover!). He has taken photographs for different bands as well as fashion photography and portraits. But it was his multiple exposure shots (like this series, taken for an album cover for Brother Grimm) I was most impressed by. Perch said he does most of the work in-camera, using long exposures and setting the flash off at different intervals.

Perch named another photographer as an influence, Gjon Mili, whose work I decided to research. I discovered that Mili is famous for his work for Life 
Magazine as well as his famous shots of Pablo Picasso painting with light. Isn't his work amazing? I love the way he captures movement so well, and all in the days before digital manipulation was possible. You can see more of his work here. I'm feeling quite inspired by his work so I I've decided to to experiment with some long exposures tonight. Tom and I tried this out before, making these slightly spooky images and I'm keen to try this with close up portraits too. If they go well I'll share my results on here soon!

Above left: Drummer Gene Krupa, 1941 Right: Multiple exposure of Pablo Picasso drawing a figure in the air, 1949

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