Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Grandfather's Scrapbook


I never got to know three out of my four grandparents, as they sadly all died in the early '80s, around the time I was born. My Granddad on my father's side worked in a timber yard in Walsall throughout his life, as well as being a member of the RAF during the war. However, he always harboured dreams of being a writer, and some of his stories were published in both local and national newspapers. This was quite a feat for someone who left school at 16. As my grandad wrote, 'For kids my age it was a case of out of school and into the factory. It was a pity, for I knew that I could have made a career in writing.'


He kept all the newspaper clippings of his published articles in a scrapbook, which my Dad gave me at the weekend to read through and scan. Its been very interesting reading the articles, and there's even a letter from my grandad's idol Bing Crosby inside, who wrote back to him in 1975 from his house in California. There's also a couple of letters from his Commanding Officer in the war, Douglas Bader.

 I'm so glad we have this scrapbook as it gives a glimpse into my grandfather's life that I wouldn't know about otherwise.

His letter from Bing!


My Grandpa at his typewriter



  1. This is beautiful :-) What a lovely way of being able to get to know your grandfather even better!

    Jem xXx

  2. This is amazing. It must feel great to be able to look through something like that anyway let alone it belonging to someone from your family.

  3. This made me tear up a little - what an amazing thing to have!

    1. Aw, I know. On the last page he also wrote a bit about the scrapbook as well and how he looks back fondly at his time in the RAF when everyone was pulling together, quite interesting really as I don't really have any other living relatives to ask about their role in the war. Going to read more of it tonight!

  4. What a lovely lovely thing to have. I found the quote from your grandad particularly touching. I love uncovering old family treasures like this. Makes me think that I should make sure I have some actual paper-based things to pass on to the kids/grandkids, rather than creating everything on the web!


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