Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mixtape Memories

I've always been one to keep hold of things that mean something to me, so over the years I've built up a fair collection of brilliant mix cd's. Some were given to me by friends, ex-boyfriends and penpals (and a few were sent to me by lovely bloggers during mix cd-swaps). So I thought it would be fun to introduce a new feature on the blog, partly inspired by a segment on Lauren Laverne's show on 6 Music, in which people send in a tracklisting from their favourite mix tape, along with a little memory associated with it.

To start off I'm sharing a mix CD which was made for me by my friend Sven, who lived in my halls of residence back at university, in the northern town of Hull.

mix cd

We spent many days in the pub over the road, curiously named Ye Olde Black Boy. A few of us would head to the tiny cramped room upstairs to play numerous games of pool while we made our own playlists on the ancient jukebox in there. Someone had written a note and taped it to the front reading 'No bloody stairway!' (Which makes me think of Wayne's World!)

During our final week at uni, Sven gave me and my friend Laura B a copy of this CD he'd made, inspired by the songs we used to listen to. It's not the coolest tracklist (a few songs were put on as a joke - St Germain springs to mind!) but it's the perfect way to bring back memories of our lazy days in the first year. 

1. Gary Puckett and the Union Gap - Young Girl (this song sounds rather wrong these days...)
2. Elvis Presley - Burning Love
3. T Rex - Metal Guru
4. UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen
5. Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
6. The Move - Fire Brigade
7. ABC - Poison Arrow
8. Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
9. Beautiful South - You Keep it all in
10. Blondie - Sunday Girl
11. Four Tops - Can't help myself
12. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
13. The Clash - Train in Vain
14. Del Shannon - Runaway
15. The Beatles - Lady Madonna
16. Starship - We Built this City
17. Space - Begin Again
18. St Germain - Rose Rouge
19. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke
20 David Bowie - Sound & Vision (I do love this song)
Bonus track (unlisted): Abba - Dancing Queen (this song always came on suddenly when the jukebox was on random,  ruining the shot we were making at pool. The intro is quite off-putting!)

I'd love to hear other people's Mixtape Memories as well! If you'd like to contribute yours, just drop me an email!


  1. ooh! i do love a mixtape! i'm looking forward to more of this series! :D
    and that note (and the wayne's world clip) is excellent!

  2. Fnacy a mix-tape exchange at some point? I'm always a fan of new music. Ye Olde Black Boy is supposedly the oldest pub in Hull, but then again quite of a lot of pubs make that claim! Haha.

  3. T-Rex and Bowie!!! I do love Glam Rock...

    Mixes are fantastic. It's such a great way to both discover new music, and get to know someone a little better :)

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