Monday, 23 July 2012

Mixtape Memories - by Camilla

Camilla is a very creative and stylish friend of mine who writes a lovely blog called Idea, you gave me a fright dear. On it she shares her love of fashion, art and disposable cameras. After my post last week she kindly agreed to share her own favourite Mixtape with us. Thanks Camilla!

My sister Becky made me this mix cd 3 years ago. I've always looked to her for new bands and music, and her tastes have strongly influenced what I like today. This compilation reminds me of being in my first year of uni and going to meet my boyfriend's family in Brighton for the first time, I was really nervous. I got a double decker bus to the small town where they live and sat on the top floor. It was driven by a bit of a reckless driver around small country roads, the windows wide open, on a warm sunny April day, and I listened to this on my walkman. It's the perfect CD for sunshine and it's scruffy condition is a good indication of how well listened to and loved it is. 

1) Golden Phone - Micachu and the shapes
2) Dark Red Birds - Felt
3) Shady Lane - Pavement
4) French Kiss - The Lovers
5) Untitled - Last Days of Rome
6) The Snake - Al Wilson
7) Ali Baba - John Holt
8) Turn Me Well - Micachu and the Shapes
9) Pledge - Galactic Nothing (A song written by my sister)
10) Come Together - Spiritualised
11) CMYK - Ladytron
12) Lost in the Paradise - Caetano Veloso
13) She Lives by the Castle - Felt
14) I think I'm in Love - Spiritualised
15) It's My Own Cheating Heart - Glasvegas
16) Gone is the Sand Man - Timebox
17) Battle - Blur

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  1. It looks like a good mix. I like how she describes a particular memory associated with the cd. I have mixes like that too.


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