Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Just a minute: July

Well July is drawing to a close so I thought I'd fit in a 'Just a Minute' post while I can!

Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony highlights on iPlayer (I actually started feeling quite proud of my country, which is not very British at all! Especially enjoyed the music section throughout the decades, from Bowie to The Specials) Any thoughts on it?

Listening to the Blur special on 6 Music (my favourite band growing up, ahh..)

Looking forward to next week - I'm going to Holland to house and cat sit for my lovely friend Gerdien. Can't wait to explore and take lots of photos there.

Pondering the final episode of The Killing (Danish version). I did enjoy it but for some reason wasn't that happy with how it ended, hmm...

Wishing the weather was still nice. C'mon, the summer was just about to begin, grrr...



  1. I loved the music section, too - it's so easy to forget how much great music has come out of British culture; it made me feel quite proud!

  2. To some Americans, the Olympic Ceremony was quite confusing. There were lots of parts that needed narration because some of us are unfamiliar with the UK's history.
    But I think every Olympic Ceremony after Beijing's would be displeasing. Nothing will compare!


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