Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Greek Mac & Cheese

Greek Mac & Cheese

I decided it was about time I tried out one of the recipes I'd pinned on to my 'Food' board on Pinterest, and as the weather has been a bit on the miserable side lately Macaroni Cheese appealed. My version was inspired by this recipe, which includes spinach & feta cheese which I thought would make a nice addition.

I adapted it slightly, using cheddar cheese instead of the hard-to-find cheese mentioned in the recipe. I also substituted the shallots for a red onion and as I didn't have any dill I used some fresh chives. We had ours with green beans & some nice bread.

Verdict: Totally yummy! Spinach and red onion much improved upon the normal macaroni cheese recipe. If I was making it again I might try adding mushrooms as well as I think they'd work well with the other ingredients. 





  1. Looks heavenly - combines many of my favorite things!!

  2. Oh yum, I love macaroni cheese, sounds lovely with feta.

  3. Mm it looks so yummy! love the idea of mixing red onion with it.

  4. That looks amazing. I am definitely going to make it. I might just go whole hog with the greek thing and whack in some olives and diced tomatoes as well. When in Rome.


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