Friday, 6 July 2012

Film Friday: Con Air

I'm not normally one for full-out action movies, but several people recommended I watch Con Air, as it starred a few of my favourite people (namely John Cusack & Steve Buscemi). If you're looking for a film with explosions, bad guitar solos and threats to bunnies, this is your film! It was pretty enjoyable, and Nicolas Cage's bad hair (and bad accent) were the icing on the cake.

Happy Friday people, this weekend I'm off to shoot a wedding (slightly scared but excited too!) and go to Indietracks Festival, yay! I'll make sure to bring my wellies..


  1. I also love this movie. Of course, is one of his very favorite actor. I am a nice weekend, is that really you could drink three cups of draft beer in the jug.

  2. Con Air is great! Glad you enjoyed it!

    How did the wedding go?

    1. It went well thanks! Very tiring but I think I got some really nice shots, especially of the bride/bridesmaids getting ready in the morning.


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