Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lovely Links // June

Kara through the looking glass

Some nice things spotted lately..

Any fans of Wes Anderson's latest film Moonrise Kingdom may be interested to see these behind the scenes photographs, which were taken on set by photographer Ant Wrangler.

Some very pretty nature still life photographs can be found here by Mary Jo Hoffman.

This Bill Murray colouring book is pretty cool.

I've been enjoying looking through Letterheady, a lovely collection of old letterheads of the famous, run by Shaun Usher, who also collates Letters of Note.

Also of interest, on Lists of Note, this list of 'What I Won't and Will Miss' by Nora Ephron who recently passed away is quite sweet in its simplicity. [via amy elizabeth]

And for any film geeks, Paramount Pictures celebrates 100 years with this cool film poster by DKNG Studios, featuring 100 of their most iconic films. See if you can spot your favourites!


  1. Thanks for the link lovely :)

    As always, I love everything you've suggested; the behind the scenes photographs and Bill Murray colour book are AMAZING!

    Amy x

    p.s your new feather and floral header is so cute.

    1. Ahh thanks Amy! And yes, everything to do with Bill Murray just rules :)


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