Friday, 1 June 2012

Film Friday: Moonrise Kingdom

Last Friday I went to see the latest film by Wes Anderson. Moonrise Kingdom is set in in a fictional town in New England in the 60's, and centres around a boy scout called Sam who has run away from the rest of the group. He befriends a misfit girl called Suzy who's had enough of her family and together they leave on an adventure round the island. Obviously I wanted to own everything in this film, from the record player to Suzy's cool outfits and cat basket! Stylistically it's another of Anderson's finest films and there are a lot of funny moments as well. Although I did think (like some of his other films) the style sometimes outweighed the plot, and found myself drifting a bit during the second half. However the part where Bill Murray throws his shoe more than made up for this, and I was left craving a camping adventure with a box of records and a Dansette in tow!


  1. Oh I've never met a Wes Anderson movie I didn't love. And I love that little boys hat. LOVE.

  2. Bill Murray... *sigh* <3


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