Friday, 11 May 2012

Film Friday: We Need to Talk about Kevin

Last night I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin, a film which revolves around the life of a mother (played skilfully by Tilda Swinton) whose son Kevin is... a handful to put it lightly. As he grows up his behaviour grows out of hand, and yet his parents still refuse to act and punish him properly for his actions which ends up leading to a tragic and disturbing conclusion. I thought the film had some great performances and the subject was very thought provoking. Though the film kept darting from one time period to the next which sometimes made it a little confusing to watch, and the ending seemed to come quite suddenly. (And Tom couldn't take the father character seriously as he was played by John C Reilly!)


  1. Tilda Swinton did such a great job in this movie!

  2. tilda was great, but i had the same problem with the father character. i think the book was much better and way more disturbing. if you read the book the father character is even harder to accept. it's like, really?? this is who you picked to play him?!


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