Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Things to do on a rainy day..

Fishpond Drive lives up to its name

As the rain seems to be continuing for at least another week (according to weather reports..) I thought I'd do a little guide on fun things to do in Nottingham when it rains! (Though they probably apply to other cities as well.)

1. Soak up some culture at the local galleries

Nottingham has some fantastic galleries. Nottingham Contemporary, based in the historic Lace Market is a great space to explore (and the shop is ace), the new exhibition there begins on May 5th. Also worth a visit is the New Art Exchange in Forest Fields, a simple couple of stops from the town centre by tram. A new exhibition has just begun there and there are other events worth going to (including the upcoming Superhero Saturday which sounds great fun for families!)

2. Play some board games in a cosy pub

If all else fails or you are fed up of shopping, retire to one of Nottingham's pubs and play a few games. Pubs with board games include the Peacock on Mansfield Rd, the Ropewalk on Canning Circus & the Malt Cross.

3. Go for a tea and cake

Nottingham has some great places to go for a cuppa, including Lee Rosy's, the Jam Cafe and the White Rabbit Tea Rooms. Although be warned, they do get quite busy when the weather gets bad!

4. Check out a film at an independent cinema

The Broadway has a great selection of films coming out (including the new Wes Anderson film next month, hurrah) and the Savoy is a really lovely old cinema with cheap tickets to boot.

5. Go for a cave tour

Nottingham has a huge number of underground caves, which you can visit on numerous cave tours throughout the year. Tours start from the Broadmarsh Centre or the Castle and are a guaranteed way of avoiding the weather.


  1. Nottingham, I'll come! :)

    Thanks for your insiders.


  2. Steve and I are hoping to get to Nottingham next year (for his geeky gaming reasons); I'm bookmarking this page. :)

    1. Ah brilliant, if you need any other tips nearer the time just let me know :)

  3. Great list of ideas! I'm hoping to have a trip to Nottingham and a proper explore before I move to Colorado. Shamefully, I've lived in Leicester for 14 years and only ever been to Notts to go to gigs.

    1. Ah yes you should visit! I have to admit the same about me & Leicester unfortunately, i did have a lovely day there as an 18 year old spent trawling record shops though. I need to go back again soon!


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