Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sketchbook Sundays

mick and background

To go alongside the release of my boyfriend Tom's single I asked if I could share some of his sketches. Tom has a ton of sketchbooks which he started years ago, they kind of act as a visual diary of sorts, but lately he has been delving more into drawing fictional characters, monsters and spacemen! At his band's next gig there will be comics given out featuring artwork to go along with the songs too. Thank you TG! x

Blues man


a survivalists sunday best


  1. Wow - he is a musician and draws. Sounds like some sort of super hero to me.

  2. These are great! He should do a graphic novel. His linework reminds me of Craig Thompson.

    1. Aw have passed on your kind words, craig thompson is a big influence :)


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