Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Sketchbook Series

Jamie Jonathan Ball_Sketchbook_01

I really enjoy peeking into people's sketchbooks, it's so interesting seeing the process illustrators use to create their work. So each Sunday I will post up some scans from some talented creative folks that I know.

First up is Jamie Jonathan Ball, a freelance illustrator whose work is on display from Wednesday in Lee Rosy's Tea Shop here in Nottingham. Next time you pop in there for a tea be sure to check out some of his art work or you can see more on his website Little Kingdoms. Jamie's final work is very colourful and I especially love his character designs which are well suited to children's book illustration. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

Jamie Jonathan Ball_Sketchbook_02

Jamie Jonathan Ball_Sketchbook_03

Jamie Jonathan Ball_Sketchbook_04

Jamie Jonathan Ball_Sketchbook_05

[If you'd like to share some pages from your sketchbook just drop me an email ]


  1. So cool, sketchbooks are so exciting to watch :)

    I think, I have to make my own, a DIY-sketchbook, to draw in it. :)


  2. i wish i were the sketchbook type. i'm the list-making type. and they're usually to-do lists. and it's usually the same list. wah wah.

  3. Wow, can't even imagine where you'd start on a sketch like the top one! Impressively detailed.


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