Friday, 2 March 2012

Film Friday: The Skin I Live In

Recently I had a little film night with some friends and we chose to watch the latest film by the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

The Skin I Live In stars Antonio Banderas as a plastic surgeon whose wife died after being severely burned in a car accident, motivating Banderas to try and experiment to create the perfect synthetic skin. The plot to this film was quite strange but it made for an unusual and gripping film (with a twist i didn't see coming). Has anyone else watched this? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. i havent seen it but i definitely want to. love me some mr banderas!

  2. This movie stands on my to watch-list, thanks for remembering ;)

    I love movies with a non seen twist, for example "21 Grams", my favourite, of this sort.

    Thanks for your comment :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I saw this in the cinema and loved it. Although the tiger guy was so creepy...

  4. Loved this film. Am a HUGE Almodovar fan anyway, have been for years and oddly enough on first viewing at cnema I didnt see it coming either but just this week on dvd I was like how dumb was i not to see it?LOL

  5. I've watched it a while back... I was dying to watch it since I watch EVERY film Almodovar does, I'm a big fan. I've found it quite disturbing, but I like disturbing films... I didn't see it coming either and it was quite shocking, but I still loved it.


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