Monday, 13 February 2012

Out & About in Notts, Part 1

Um, which way?

It's always a bit hard to get going after the Christmas and New Year period; the dark nights get me down and money is sparse! So I decided it would be nice to start a new series on here documenting all the fun things Nottingham (and further afield) has to offer. There are loads of great places to visit here that don't cost a penny and I am looking forward to discovering new ones in the next few months. Hopefully it'll form a rough guide to Nottingham and throw up some ideas about fun things you can try out in other towns too!

Super secret hideout!

Part 1 - Rufford Country Park
On Sunday me, Tom and a couple of friends bundled into a car and went on a little road trip to Rufford Country Park. The place promised much; a ruined Abbey, a Camera Obscura and sculpture trail. But what we really wanted to find when we arrived was the animal graveyard! (It was slightly strange when we found it - one horse grave and some working dogs buried in the woods by the family who lived in the house a hundred years ago! Hmm..) There was still quite a lot of snow so our toes started to get a little cold, but luckily we stumbled across some wooden huts in the forest. Perfect for snuggling up inside!

What have we here?


Camera Obscura
This is what the Camera Obscura looked like..

And the strange view inside!

Orangerie, snowed under

Snow bear

Rufford Abbey has lots to offer including a Craft Centre and a nearby lake to walk to in warmer months.

Location: off the A614, 18 miles north of Nottingham.
Open daily from dusk til dawn.
Price: Free!



  1. I didn't know you were from Nottingham too! I don't know any other people in Notts who write blogs. Love the tips for things to do xx

    Make Yourself

  2. Hi Laura! For some reason I love the idea of a kind of crappy animal graveyard, where you're promised an array of graves and all you get is a few working dogs and a horse (I think it's the way you described it) it makes me laugh. XX

  3. Hey Camille! Yes it was strange, we were a little disappointed not to find handmade wooden crosses and personal dedications, it was far too formal for my liking!


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