Monday, 20 February 2012

One year in the Convent

Feb 2011

Last weekend marked a whole year since Tom and I moved into the Convent. In case you are curious, the building was converted from The Convent of Mercy nunnery into flats around the year 2000, but still retained many of its original features, including the beautiful stained glass windows and the adjoining chapel which can be hired out for special occasions. So far we've really enjoyed living in such a unique place and have had many fun parties in the Chapel (including a spooky Halloween - I'm already planning a special birthday idea for May!)

I realised I've taken quite a few similar photos from my window throughout the seasons, its nice to put them together and think of the happy times we have had here, hopefully with many more yet to come!

March 2011

April 2011

April in the garden


  1. It really does look like a spectacular place to live Laura!

  2. Hi hun, gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) When is the happy hour at Tilt? I need to get in on that hehe xx

    1. It's from 5 til 7, quite early so i normally forget about it! x

  3. Wow, these photographs are amazing. What a special place to live!

  4. wow, great shots! I particularly love the rainbow :D

  5. Wow, this looks like such a beautiful place to live!x

  6. It looks such a fab place to live & I just looked up where it is. We live about ten minutes away from each other! :D I live in the park estate - do you know it? :)


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