Friday, 20 January 2012

Kodak Moments

kodak dog

Today I read that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy. Quite sad really considering the historical impact Eastman-Kodak had on photography and the film industry. It seems they just couldn't keep up with the way digital photography has taken over. In tribute I thought it'd be nice to share some photos of historical Kodak moments from the past 130 years. You can see more here.

1895: A woman holds an early Kodak camera which was sold with the film already loaded. The entire camera was returned to the factory for film processing

An advert from 1900



  1. I know, such sad news. I love the Kodak girl advert - not seen it before but I want it on my wall now :)

  2. This is terribly sad. Our kids will never understand why we call it a Kodak moment!


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