Monday, 9 January 2012

January, lately

Scrabble Sunday

January has never been my favourite month, it's always a bit dark and gloomy after Christmas. However I've been getting through the post holiday period by staying in, making nice homely food and watching lots of films. Had a perfect relaxing Sunday going swimming followed by a game of Scrabble and some warm soup and bread. It's what the winter was made for.

Kitchen window



Yummy! Goats cheese & onion tart
Goat's Cheese tart - recipe here

Beware the bear

Money tree

Music making


  1. Yes January is a funny old month. Actually I can't believe it's only the 9th! Soup, scrabble and movies are the way to go!

  2. January is a weird one, agreed, everything, including the people starts to feel grey but also slightly like a giant drs waiting room . . . thank goodness when it ends, but at the same time, soup & the excuses this month brings for more 'schlumpy' days is something I relish!


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