Sunday, 1 January 2012

How to Make a Totoro iPod Case

Totoro ipod case

For Tom's Christmas present I thought I'd make a little case for his iPod (it's the same size as an iPhone I think so this would work well for those too!)

It's pretty simple, all you'll need is:

White & grey felt and blue felt for the back
Needle & thread (black and white)
Sticky velcro pieces (optional)


Firstly measure out your iPod/iPhone/MP3 device. I initially measured mine out too small in the sketch above, and had to re-do it to allow for a bit of room round the edge.

For an iPod touch the final measurements I used were: 8.2cm wide by 14.5cm deep (including the room for ears!) for the grey piece and 8.2cm x 12.5cm for the blue fabric on the back. Draw a rectangle this size onto both the grey and blue fabric. On the grey piece (front) cut out some ears at the top (about 1.5 cm deep).

Totoro ipod case

Next cut out 2 white circles for the eyes and a big one for the tummy. Sew these onto the front along with the nose, mouth and whiskers. I used a black pen to do the dots for the eyes! Now sew the front to the back using blanket stitch. Finally if you want to secure the top just use a piece of sticky-back velcro. You're done! (Note, felt isn't the strongest fabric so you may want to use something a bit more hard wearing if your iPod gets a lot of rough & tumble!)

Tom with little totoro


  1. Cute! I <3 Totoro, I have a mural of him painted on one of the walls of my apartment + a stuffed doll.


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