Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heroes of Film #1 - River Phoenix

river colour copy

In order to improve my drawing skills, this month I decided to draw a few of my favourite actors, starting with one I admired growing up, River Phoenix. Phoenix starred in one of my favourite films of the 80s, Stand By Me. He seemed to have a talent beyond his years and it was a shame that his career came to an end so early. If anyone can recommend any other of his films do let me know.


  1. I love this drawing! It's super nice.
    And as far as the movies go, I have only seen My Own Private Idaho with River Phoenix, you might have already seen it, but I liked it. I got it for a few euros on dvd once and I like to watch it on rainy thursday nights in bed.

  2. Ah thank you! I have seen My Own Private Idaho but not for a while so i should really give it another watch!

  3. I LOVED River when I was growing up, my favourite film of his was Running On Empty which I can heartily recommend.

  4. Wow Laura you really got them skills! I was going to recommend the same film :(

  5. I've added running on empty to my lovefilm list!

  6. Sigh... I loved him while growing up too, Stand by me is one of those movies that I watch whenever I catch it on TV. I was super sad when he died... I'd recommend My own private Idaho too.


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