Friday, 13 January 2012

Film Friday: The Artist

Last weekend I went to watch the much anticipated new film, The Artist. It's been in the news a bit this week due to one of it's stars, a little dog called Uggie. I have to admit Uggie's skills were very impressive indeed! As was the whole film - set in the 1920s, this is a silent movie about a struggling film star who doesn't want to lower himself by starring in 'talkies'. The film itself has only music on its soundtrack but still manages to keep you involved throughout the story. I really enjoyed The Artist, (and boy did I want Peppy Miller's outfits) it was a very good film to start off the new year!

** p.s. new Wes Anderson film trailer alert! It has a treehouse, a dog, a record player and Bill Murray in it. Yahoo.


  1. we're seeing this on wednesday and I am so excited, I can't wait and I'm glad your review was positive as now I'm even more excited.

    Also watched the new trailor yesterday too - agreed with the Yahoo :)

  2. I saw The Artist last weekend, too, and absolutely loved it!

  3. The new Wes Anderson looks good! I love his films.

  4. Oh we saw it and really enjoyed it. Also looking forward to the latest by Wes!


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