Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Chromatic Typewriter

I just stumbled across these images via narry likes and thought I'd share them with any other typewriter fans out there! Painter Tyree Callaghan modified this 1937 typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with colour pads, the idea being that when you type it produces paintings instead of letters. Not sure how practical this is but it sure is pretty!


  1. Not very practical but .... you could make some really pretty paper to write letters on i guess!

  2. Lovely! It reminds me of Bianca's mac... right?

  3. This is pretty cool, the idea of taking something that is loved so much in the writing world and giving it life in the art world.

    I'd like to give it a go even if nothing spectacular was to come of it!

  4. Secret colour coded messages!! Surely thats the way forward?!

  5. Soo so awesome!!


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