Monday, 19 December 2011

Rocking around the Christmas Tree


Well we're all festived up here in our corner of the Convent. We've got the tree decorated as you can see in the slightly manic animation below! And we've made our way through quite a few Christmas films already (home alone, jingle all the way, national lampoon's christmas vacation, bad santa, scott pilgrim- not strictly christmassy but features a lot of snow!) and a few TV specials (the office, simpsons, seinfeld).

Apart from that these past few weeks have been pretty darn busy with Christmas shopping, birthdays and other events and I'm more than ready to just relax for a few days over the Christmas break. Not long to go now!

Snowflake banner

Scott Pilgrim

Crazy lights
Messing around with the zoom!

Getting a bit excited dancing around our tree!


  1. Festive! And you definitely aren't the only ones to put Scott Pilgrim in the holiday movie category! It's on a loop right now in my office lobby followed by E.T. and then Rudolph!

  2. Love your animation. The tree looks great on the suitcases! So far I have only seen Scrooged this week but will have to find some time for Home Alone!

  3. Love the animation. <3
    You guys are so awesome.

  4. Christmas is exciting! Lovely lovley lovely!

  5. Hello Laura! I just discovered your wonderful blog - so cool you guys live in a converted Convent! Sometimes I live in a converted Transit van, that my boyfriend and I built ourselves - so fun to design your own home! :) I LOVE these photos, looks like you have so much fun! I love the magical lightbeams shooting in that photograph. Keep up the great work, Katie. xxx


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