Friday, 23 December 2011

Film Friday: It's a Wonderful Life

Well what better film to watch the night before Christmas Eve? Tom has never seen it so I won't spoil it for him (though I think he has seen a lot of clips over the years, this must be the most common film to be referenced in other things!). I love James Stewart and this is of course one of his greatest roles.


  1. Merry Christmas Laura and Tom :) and a very happy New Year!

    We only saw this last year but its one of my all time favourite films, we watched it during the week and it really is wonderful.

  2. I love this movie. If Jimmy Stewart and my father hadn't spent a considerable portion of the lives coexisting on this earth, I would think they had shared a soul.

  3. I will never ever get tired of this film!

  4. it is an amazing film, one that really makes you appreciate life a little better


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