Friday, 30 December 2011

Film Friday: Favourites of 2011

film watching

As it's the last Friday of the year I decided to round up my favourite films I saw this year. They are, drum roll please..
Did I miss out any good ones? Have a lovely new year folks! x


  1. You should check out Little white lies and Incendies (if you haven't already)as they were my 2 favourites. Happy new year Laura x

  2. Ooh thanks Kate, I'll have to check them out. Happy new year x

  3. Hi Laura
    I watched Blue Valentine just the other day & loved it. It really enjoyed the extras on the DVD too. I also watched Away We Go which I thought was pretty good.
    Happy 2012 and movie watching
    Jo :)

  4. Ah yes, tom has just gotten blue valentine on DVD as he hasn't seen it so I shall be re watching it soon! I've also watched Away we go and it was good too :)


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