Friday, 9 December 2011

Film Friday: 50/50

This week I went to watch a new film, 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young man called Adam who is diagnosed with serious cancer of the spine and given a 50% chance of survival. It is a story based upon the true life experiences of writer Will Reiser, a good friend of Seth Rogen who plays Adam's best friend in the film.

I was a little worried that the film would be upsetting, and it was. But along with the harrowing moments of watching Adam struggle with his illness there are moments of laughter and comedy too. Overall it's a story about friendship and survival through tough times. I thought the acting was really good and I would really recommend it. Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?


  1. I've seen it and loved it; I was also worried it might be harrowing (or just plain tasteless) but I can't fault it.

  2. I saw this the other week and spent most of the time with tears streaming down my face (I cry in adverts though so that might not be a true indication). I really enjoyed it.

  3. i really loved it. people i've been close to have gone through the same thing & i felt i could relate to parts of the film. it also brought out so many emotions. good film.

  4. As a cancer survivor, I was trying to avoid this film, but my friends assured me it wasn't depressing. I found it uplifting, fun and thought provoking. Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A wonderful actor and he played this character to perfection.


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