Thursday, 22 December 2011

8 Singers of Christmas

8 singers of christmas

My illustration, above, is up on the ace Amelia's Magazine today accompanying an article featuring Amelia's favourite Christmas albums of 2011, go check it out! I quite fancy getting hold of the 'For Folk's Sake' album, it sounds really good.

Today i dug out my Sufjan Stevens boxset though which always makes it feel like Christmas, this song being a favourite. What's your favourite Christmas album to listen to this time of year?


  1. Sufjan for me all the way! I listen to his versions of Oh Holy Night and Joy To The World on repeat until I feel festive.

  2. This is ace! I love me a bit of the Jackson Five Christmas album. Although after a few plays, I’m a little sick of it - all part of it though! Have a very Merry Christmas time :) x

  3. This is fabulous! Makes me want to dig out the Christmas playlist and start listening all over again.


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