Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday at my Grandma's

My Nan reading the comic i made for her

Thanks so much to everyone who read and commented on the comic I drew for my Nan's birthday. I spent Saturday frantically colouring it in and yesterday finally gave it to her. She really enjoyed reading it, hurrah! She started talking about all the memories inside the comic and it was really lovely to hear. I have decided I must spend more time drawing and I'd love to start some similar projects inspired by people's memories.


  1. Great photo! I love the expression on your Grandma's face.

  2. Your grandma looks so happy. Love it.

  3. Ah look at the genuine delight on your Grandma's face! So sweet.
    Jo :)

  4. ahhhhh so sweet:)... its really such a sweet gift:)
    and yes you really should spent more time drawing!!you are very talented:)
    x gini


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