Sunday, 13 November 2011

My favourite tree


A couple of years ago, on an autumn walk through Wollaton Park our friend James introduced us to this oak tree. Its trunk is huge and its branches stretch and twirl. Perfect for climbing, or if you're like me, sitting in a little cubby hole at its base, feeling very safe and taking in the autumn sunlight that surrounds. The tree is a little hidden away, meaning only the odd jogger or explorer will find it. My dad also has a favourite tree, in Melbourne, Derbyshire which he has photographed so many times over the years in different seasons.




Tom and the Oak


Do any of you have a favourite tree?


  1. wow! that looks like a really excellent tree! i'm not sure i have a favourite nowadays, but we used to have a fantastic apple tree in our front garden when i was younger.

  2. Old oak trees are always the best kinds of trees. At my primary school there was a huge old oak tree - we'd always say "meet me at The Old Oak Tree at lunch" (like it was its name). I haven't really found a favourite tree in Launceston, I should! I love big windy fig trees too. Your tree is marvellous.


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