Friday, 18 November 2011

Film Friday: Withnail & I

Okay I admit, I have watched Withnail & I countless times but we thought it was due a rewatch. If you've never seen it, the film stars Richard E Grant as Withnail and Paul McGann as 'I', two out of work actors living in squalor in a London flat in 1969. They decide to try and escape to the countryside for a while and try some clean living (err, which also involves some heavy drinking). What they don't realise is that Withnail's Uncle Monty is about to pay them a visit. I love this film and each time I see it a new part makes me laugh. (Although I remember putting it on in my halls at uni and several males who had never seen the film looking rather uncomfortable during some of the scenes with Monty!) Oh and it has a brilliant soundtrack too.

[Stumbled upon the picture here where there are some other nice images from the film, including one of Ringo Starr dropping by the set!]


  1. We also watched Withnail & I the other day, must be something to do with this bleak weather! It's definately one of those films that never gets old. In fact, when I read your post I felt compelled to go Google the script (, which still makes me laugh out loud even after having watched it so many times. Almost every line is quotable!

  2. Those black n white snaps are great! It's funny because I watched it last week as we went away to a cottage and Thomas thought it would be perfect viewing material. Such a great film.

  3. I love this movie! :)
    And those behind the scenes photos are excellent!

  4. I really didn't get Withnail & I when I was a student (it was too popular and probably a bit too close to the bone), but my boyfriend had never seen it and wanted to watch it a few weeks ago... I was surprised to find it's a genuinely funny and touching and heartbreaking film; I'm glad I gave it another try.


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