Friday, 4 November 2011

Film Friday: Midnight in Paris

I'd been waiting to watch this for some time as I think it came out in the US and Europe months ago, but I finally had chance to see it on the flight to Chicago.

Midnight in Paris is the latest film by Woody Allen, starring Owen Wilson who is engaged to a woman (played by Rachel McAdams who is not my favourite actress in the world..eep) who doesn't support him in his dreams to become a writer. He then fantasises about going back in time to the 20's when his favourite writers such as Hemingway and other great artists were living in Paris. I really enjoyed the flashback sequences and I could identify with the feeling that looking back things seemed a lot rosier, I've also been told I should be living in another era (the 50s maybe?!) when typewriters and jam making were still popular! Definitely one of the better Woody Allen films I've seen in the last few years.


  1. I'm keen to see this but the OH isn't. Maybe a bit more arm twisting is needed.

  2. I really want to this but it wasn't in our cinema long enough for us to get a chance to go.

  3. I really enjoyed this...the beautiful shots of Paris in the rain, the cultural references and how the concept of nostalgia changes according to time. I thought it was wonderful.

  4. I will be watching this movie this weekend although I promised myself never again to watch a Woody Allen movie


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