Monday, 14 November 2011

Camera Envy

Since watching the Martin Scorsese documentary on George Harrison at the weekend I've been fascinated by the pictures of Astrid Kirchherr , then girlfriend of Stuart Sutcliffe before he sadly died aged just 21.

Astrid took many photographs of the Beatles at the time using a Rolleicord, a twin-lens camera which uses medium format film. After a bit of research I found that Lomo used to produce a similar camera called the Lubitel, which is now out of stock.

There were a few twin-lens cameras on ebay however. I would love to try medium format film but am not too sure how easy it is to use, has anyone else experimented with it? Either way I really want to take more black and white pictures so some films will be on my Christmas list this year!


  1. Medium Format is wonderful but its really hard to get developed (in the UK). I would usually stay away from it unless you intend on blowing your images up bigger than 10x8. You can convert many old cameras to 35mm. There are loads of videos on You Tube of how to do it.
    The effect on most images are the camera not the film, it always good to remember that.

  2. Loved that documentary, so moving.
    Hope Santa reads this so he gets the hint!

  3. Ah thanks Leanne. Yeah I suppose it would turn out to be quite expensive too. Converting one would be good though!

    Yep the documentary is really good, i still need to watch part 2.

  4. I saw the documentary also and really enjoyed it. A few years ago I borrowed a Mamiya c220 medium format camera from uni. I went around Hampton Court palace with it taking snaps and noticed it was quite heavy and rather hard to push the shutter release button without shaking! It was fun trying it out though.

  5. i got a few medium format cameras..and i love them..there is something really fascinating about them..
    i used to get my films processed in a small shop in London ,you could first get the negatives and then choose which ones was worth to get printed. Otherwise Jessops do it but for about 10pounds a film and the processing is not that great at all(as for the 35mm)..
    the lubitel is a bit confusing to use at first .. focusing can be a bit challenging at time but its a great camera!

  6. I am fascinated by Astrid, she seems like such an incredible woman! I don't know much about them, but hat camera is just gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous camera. Haven't seen the doc but will check it out. Haven't forgotten about the journal, so sorry it's taking me so long. promise I haven't forgotten though! Will get it posted asap xx

  8. It's also on my wishlist but it's quite pricey. One of my friends use a similar one, so if you ever get one, let me know and I'll make sure he gives you tips :)


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