Thursday, 20 October 2011

Holiday Guest Post # 6 - by Tom

When this publishes we'll hopefully be on our plane home! I asked Tom to contribute a post about one of his most favourite places, Japan. Thank you Tom!


2 years ago i went to Tokyo, Japan. Some moments really stay with me;

tom photobooth

1. Going to a Photobooth in Harajuku (above: with friend Rob & sister Michaela)

In this photobooth you could take a picture of yourself and then add lots of funny graphics on top!


2. Staying up all night in Shibuya and sleeping in a Manga Kissa Cafe.

Some Mangakissa Cafe's are basically huge rooms with separate little compartments which have a tv screen and a big comfy chair. You can hire out Manga or a DVD from the library and relax in your own little compartment!! The overall atmosphere was of a library,really hushed and peaceful. A lot of people use them when they've missed their last train back.


3. Going to Tsukiji fish market at 5am and having morning sushi

The fish market was totally incredible. It's the biggest market in the world, filled with stall after stall of amazing colours and flapping fish. Walking down the aisles, you're having to constantly keep your wits about you as people come hurtling along on these little trucks!

fishmarket tom

4. Mount Fuji

Although we didn't get to climb Mount Fuji, (it wasn't safe for us to climb it as it wasn't the right season!) we did see it from a little town called Yamanakako which was about 2-3 hours away on bus. Here we rented bikes and explored the town. It was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and it was really nice to see what rural Japan looked like. We also had the biggest tempura prawns, the richness of the food was just INCREDIBLE!


5. Karaoke in Karaoke Kan, Shibuya

Ok, this tops the tourist 'thing to do'! We tried desperately to find the Karaoke bar that appears in Lost in Translation. After a few hours hiking up and down alleys in Shibuya we finally found the Karaoke Kan!


6. Pachinko!

Pachinko is a game not dissimilar to pinball/fruit machines although we didn't quite understand what to do! A lot of the time we just had bizarre pictures flashing up at us as we were trying to shoot little ball bearings into holes! It's incredibly loud and yet some people apparently spend all day in there!


Overall, I can't state enough how amazing Japan was. Every single person we met was friendly and helpful, the food was the best i've ever had, and i'm desperate to go back!

Tom x



  1. Definitely makes me want to get there! Great visual diary. I had no idea Tom also had a blog! xxx

  2. I love seeing Japan through a westerners eyes :) I went to the fish market too.. those little cars are crazy!

  3. i would love to go to Japan.... great post:)

  4. I know exactly how you feel! These photos remind me of when I went to Tokyo the other year... goodmemories!


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