Sunday, 16 October 2011

Holiday Guest Post # 4 - by Sharni

Lovely Aussie blogger Sharni is our third guest poster to share memories from her favourite holiday. Reading about her adventures there really makes me want to make a similar trip!

One of my most favourite holidays was in 2008 when I went to Mexico! My friends and I had just worked the ski season in Canada and we thought we would head south to defrost before we all parted ways. We started off in Puerto Vallarta but then headed for the quieter surfer towns down the west coast and a few of the cities too. It was never part of my original world trip plan but I am so glad I went. Some of the highlights were..

-Seeing Bright Eyes at a music festival in the desert. It was quite an adventure trying to find the venue and buy tickets.. in Spanish. It was a very dusty too. It was amazing.

-Visiting the town of Tequila! We visited a few distilleries and the guides were very keen to make us try all the different types of tequila! I remember fermented agave being quite smelly.

-The ocean! I grew up on the coast in Western Australia so I was very glad to see the Pacific ocean after 6+ months of being landlocked in the snow.

-Turning 22! I remember watching the sunrise and spending the day snorkelling off a boat.

-Street food! So much better than the Tex Mex I am used to. It tasted so much fresher and less cheesey.. in a good way! Plus really good seafood and humungous glasses of margarita! Plus fruit stall on the beach, genius!

-Buses were our mode of transport. Some were really nice with free lunch bags, air con and tv. Some had chickens in (and out of) cages and buskers on board! It loved it all.

-Trying to speak Spanish. I always try really hard to speak the local language. Did you know Tlequepaque is actually pronounced kind of like “clucky pucky” We found out that the hard way!


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