Friday, 14 October 2011

Holiday Guest Post # 3 - by ThatKate

Hej, I'm Kate and I am popping in to do a guest post for Laura while she is off on her travels. Last year I visited Copenhagen with my best friend Kaori and we had the most wonderful time. It quickly became my favourite Scandinavian destination. We spent our days drinking vanilla rooibos tea in adorable little cafes, being overwhelmed and excited by all the Moomin merchandise, shopping like there was no tomorrow in Tiger, taking photographs of everything because it looked just so darn beautiful, catching a glimpse of the stylishly dressed people whizzing past on their bikes, searching for the perfect Dala horse to take home, wandering around the magnificent Tivoli gardens until it got dark, going on boat trips and just soaking up the amazing Danish atmosphere.

Thank you for sharing Kate! You can check out more of Kate's amazing photos on her blog here.


  1. Oh I love Copenhagen, going back there in a month, can't wait and those photos are a sweet reminder of what I can expect! xxx


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