Thursday, 13 October 2011

Holiday Guest Post # 2 - by Gerdien

Next up in our series of 'favourite holiday' guest posts is Gerdien, a friend from Holland who has a brilliant vintage shop I'm quite envious of! Thanks for sharing with us, Gerdien!


What do you do in the summer holidays, when you don't have money for a car yet and backpacking through Europe by train is not really your thing? You just find a 100 euro moped, pack a tent, and go!


My boyfriend René and I did that a few years ago. Despite the cold hands, teary eyes and a sore bottom, it was a really fun experience! We actually did it twice: the first year we went all the way to France; the second year we 'rolled' to Limburg, in the south of Holland.


The good thing about travelling on a scooter is that you see a lot of your country that you’d normally never see, like small villages and so many lovely landscapes. You’re not going as slow as you would go on a bike, so you can actually travel quite far without getting physically tired!

Less fun of course, are rainy days or a tough wind. We wore helmets with no windshields, so sunglasses or goggles were necessary, as well as gloves and a good rainsuit! I remember René getting blown off his moped once, on a dike in Sealand. We also survived quite some terrible rainshowers…


Despite that, both holidays were so much fun. We couldn’t bring much, so our tent was very small (and very cozy!). We lived on the ground for two weeks and dinner was mostly easy pasta, curry or chili. Holland has a good moped-tradition, so when our old mopeds (1969 and 1978) gave trouble, there were always helpful people around (“Oh I had one like that when I was your age!”).


We have a car now and René sold his moped last summer, but I still have mine. I don’t want to say goodbye to my old orange friend yet, it brings back good memories!

Thanks Laura for letting me write this guest post for you, I hope you’re having a great time in Chicago!

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