Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Holiday Guest Post #1 - by Lady Croissant

I asked a few of my favourite bloggers to contribute a guest post while I'm away in Chicago, about one of their favourite holidays. All round talented lady, Adeline - aka Lady Croissant - is our first guest poster, thank you miss Adeline!

Once upon a time...
I went to Iceland.

And it was magic.

No words could do any justice to its beauty.

Everything was just so... different.

And I felt tiny and overwhelmed.

I caught myself smiling.

It had been a dream for years.
And I was finally there.
It wasn't a dream come true.
I was in a dream.



  1. Thanks for having me! <3

  2. how beautiful. what an amazing place. it really does look like a dream.

  3. gorgeous photos. It is also a dream of mine. Maybe someday!

  4. Lovely photos Adeline, very dreamy :) Would love to go there sometime!


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