Friday, 28 October 2011

Film Friday: The Craft


I hadn't seen this film since I was a teenager so I decided it was the perfect time of year to invite some friends round, light some candles and watch the Craft once more. In case you managed to get through adolesence without seeing it and wanting to become Fairuza Balk, it centres around four friends who each decide to get their own back on those who anger them through various magic spells. (It was the first time Tom had seen it and his review went along the lines of "try harder next time," so maybe one to watch for the memories rather than for the first time!)

After this we watched the Halloween episode of My So-Called Life, which made for a pretty perfect spooky night in, all in all!



  1. i love the craft!!!...When i was a teenager ,my best friends and i took a photo similar(or well..very inspired by) to the one on the cover hahahah .. I really love that movie but like you say i think if you dont have some kind of "sentimental "attachment to it,you might not enjoy it that much... I havent seen it in a while,i might watch for halloween:)
    ahhhhhh and the halloween episode of my so-called life:)(loved my so-called life too).. i think i love every halloween episodes of every series(even the ones i dont normally watch hahah)
    ohlalala sorry for that long long comment..
    take care and have a good halloween:)

  2. I LOVE THE CRAFT! it was my favourite movie for far too many years. and My So-Called Life is perfect for sick days spent lolling about on the couch, I swear!


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