Friday, 9 September 2011

Film Friday: Freaks

Last weekend a friend brought round some DVDs to watch and amongst them was the 1932 film, Freaks. It is a story about a group of circus performers, labelled 'freaks'; one of whom falls in love with a trapeze artist who is only after his inheritance. The film was controversial and was banned for 30 years in the UK due to its use of real life circus 'freaks', who act in the film. After watching it I looked up a few of the performer's lives online, many of their stories are very interesting but often quite sad at the same time.


  1. Love this film. It was said that folks ran from the theatre barfing their "cookies" when they saw this film! Today, we are so jaded I doubt this would happen, but it is a sad and disturbing film in many ways. I too wonder what happened to the "actors" after the film. My favorite is "The Torso" and watching him roll a cigarette without arms is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha, that's so weird! I agree we're more accustomed to things these days. "The Torso" was indeed amazing.


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