Friday, 23 September 2011

Film Friday: Buffalo 66

This was the second time I'd watched Buffalo 66, but for some reason I'd completely forgotten how it ended. The film is written by and stars Vincent Gallo as a troubled man who has just got out of prison. He bumps into Christina Ricci's character and decides to kidnap her and take her to meet his parents. Say what you will about Gallo, the film is original and has a lot of awkwardly funny moments, such as the scene in the photobooth which still amuses me to watch!

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  1. i love Buffalo 66... i havent watched it in years..
    His character is a bit like someone i know and ever since he watched that movie he goes by the name of billy brown(well.. "stage name" he is a muscian..he just added prince in the middle,i guess that would be for bonnie prince)
    Now that you mention it..i think i cant remember the ending either.. i need to watch it again:)


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