Monday, 26 September 2011

Cycling through the city

Red bicycles

On Sunday me and a couple of friends joined in on a Cycle City Ride through Nottingham. About twenty people showed up despite the grey weather, to cycle from the Toll Bridge to the University Park. It was a lovely way to try out new cycle routes and we stopped off at the old Raleigh building on the way. We finished the ride at Nottingham University cafe and had some lovely soup and cake to energise us for the trip back!

Cycle City team!

Near the University

Off we go!
You can see me on my red bike second along! Photo taken by Julian, the organiser

Lovely soup (and tasty cakes)
Our rewards at the end of the ride, yum!

The old Raleigh Building, Nottingham
You can still see the Raleigh logo on the building, above!

The famous Raleigh Bicycle Company began right here in Nottingham in 1887. There is still a Raleigh centre in Nottinghamshire but the bikes are now manufactured in Asia. It's a real shame that there isn't a proper Raleigh museum here - some bicycles can be found at the transport museum at Wollaton Park but it would be great to see a proper place dedicated to the history of one of the most successful bike companies in the world. I also found out that my bicycle is a Triumph, and the company also began here in Nottingham, hurrah!


  1. seems like a really fun thing to do... I love riding my bike:)

  2. What a fabulous way to spend the day!

  3. Oh, I wish I had a bicycle! What a lovely sounding day! :)


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