Saturday, 17 September 2011

Currently reading...

A few books I picked up lately.


1 52 Photographic Projects by Kevin Meredith.

This book is jam packed full of great photo project ideas, and beautiful photos for added inspiration. A few of the projects I've already tried, like 'jumping' photos or experimenting with lights but there are lots of others I'm excited about doing, like taking long exposures of starry night skies or taking photos of mundane objects every day, making them appear beautiful.


There's also chapters on polaroids, redscale film and other lomo cameras to experiment with. I might try and work my way through the book soon and report back with my results!


I recently picked this up from the library, the pictures are gorgeous and there are lots of great cake recipes to try, divided into seasons.


I'm most excited about making some Halloween themed things for next month and this Spider web cheesecake looks ace. Has anyone else tried making any of the recipes in here?

3 How to Be Free by Tom Hodgkinson


I recently read about this book on Words that can only be your own and decided to get a copy myself. How to be Free is a book about how consumer culture is getting the better of us, and how to lead a simpler life by rejecting supermarkets, bureaucracy and more. A lot of his suggestions we've already done; learnt the ukulele, got a piano and cancelled our TV licence!

But a few of his suggestions do seem a little contradictory, for example choosing not to purchase things but also treating yourself to fancy foods and alcohol.. hmm. But it's interesting reading how society has changed over the past few hundred years and the message of living a life free of modern stresses is a good one.



  1. Nice book choices! I love the Hummingbird recipes & that photography book looks interesting. xo

  2. I have all three of these in my Amazon wishlist! Now I want them even more...

  3. Ooh, the Hummingbird one is on my Christmas list although I am sorely tempted to buy it before then. Hope you enjoyed How To Be Free: at times his advice is extremely contradictory (e.g. remove yourself from consumerism, but then has the exhortation to buy a skateboard).

  4. Great choices! I'm adding that photo projects one to my wish list immediately! Have a great weekend xx


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